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About Bodhi Tree Psychotherapy

Sushila Barton-King 

Psychotherapist & Counsellor 

I am an integrative psychotherapist, which means I employ various therapeutic models to inform my work. I believe that each person has a unique experience and therefore requires a unique style of therapy. I draw on various models of therapy including, including person humanistic therapies, gestalt, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy and mindfulness. 

I believe that the most important aspect of the therapeutic journey is the therapeutic relationship. I aim to create a warm, non judgemental space   that provides you with a safe place where we can explore. 



Visit my web page 'types of therapy' for more information and links to interesting articles (Coming soon). 

Counselling Psychology 

Counselling Psychologists must undergo

extensive training. This includes an undergraduate degree in Psychology followed by a doctorate in counselling psychology. We are required to continue our professional development throughout our careers and will therefore be up to date with developments in the world of psychology and psychotherapy. 

 I Am currently completing a doctorate in counselling psychology which means I employ different psychological theories such as developmental theory and neuroscience to help us explore in more depth. Training to become a counselling psychologist also means I aim to contribute to psychological research.  


  • Doctorate in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy - Metanoia Institute &nMiddlesex University (Pending)

  • Clinical Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy - Metanoia Institute (Pending). 

  • Clinical Diploma in Integrative Psychodynamic Counselling - Metanoia Institue (Pending) 

  • MSc iin Psychology - Westminster University


  • In addition to my work in private practice I work with adults and young people in educational and mental health settings. 

  • I have over 15 years experience working with adolescents and adults experiencing anxiety, depression and trauma as a mentor and senior tutor. 

  • Alongside my role as a psychotherapist, I teach psychology to degree level. 

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